Saturday, June 21, 2008

Our School -Vission

Vision Statement

"To offer unique kind of holistic education which binds modern liberalism with classical grace ; scientific efficiency with human compassion & cultivate an atmosphere of comprehensive learing where the taught can evolve to become more complete human beings"

SCVK -Vision

To make the teaching learning process exciting,meaningful & lasting.

To infuse teaching & learning with devotion & excitement of

*** Discovery and Innovation

*** Excellence and Enjoyment

*** Creativity and Critical thinking

*** Values and Vision

Friday, June 20, 2008

Our School -Mission Statement & Aims

a. Mission Statement :

We want that education by which character is formed , strength of mind is increased, the intellect is expanded & by which one can stand on one's own feet

- Swamy vivekananda.

SCVK aims at all-round development of its students,to manifest the unlimited human possibilities latent in an individual

b. Our Aims :

1. ' Transformation ' in addition to ' Information '

2. ' Life ' in addition to ' Living '

3. Education through informal means

4. Enducare programme

Intructions to Students /Parents


Students are required to follow the guidelines given below strictly..

- Wear the school uniform compulsorily.

- Not to wear expensive jewellery & anklets.

- Be neat & clean.

- Be present on the re-opening day withoutfail.

- Maintain silence ; walk in single file & not to run in the corridor during the school hours.

- Keep the premises clean & to avoid littering( Wastes to be put in the dustbin only)

- Be courteous, polite & to keep the dignity & decorum of the institution.

- Not to spoil or damage school property.

- Address the principle or teacher as 'Madam' or 'Sir' as the case may be.

- Contribute to the academic development of the institution to a maximum extent.

- Participate in the co-curricular activities with vigour & enthsiasm.


The parents / Gurdians are required to:

- Send their wards on time to the school & to pick them up again after the school hours.

- Go through the school dairy daily, note the progress of their ward & attest their signature in the dairy.

- Bring to the notice of the class teacher any deviant behavior of the ward.

- Send leave note/Medical certificate in case of absence of their ward.

- Ensure punctuality & regularity of their ward.

- Provide constructive suggestions for the development of the institution & improve academic atomosphere.

- Plan their role effectively to augur & supplement the efforts to teachers to make learning fruitful.

- Play an active role & support the school in character moulding & personality building of the students.

- Co-operate in identifying creativity & to contribute towards the development of around personality of the child.

- Meet class teacher / principal when they are required to do so.

- Stress on neatness & tidiness.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Friday, June 13, 2008

Fee Structure for Year 2008-09 & Regulations


Sl. No. School Other Fees Tution Fees Total
1. LKG,UKG 1800 7200 9000
2. 1st standard to 10th Standard (ICSE) 3400 7200 10600
3. 8th standard (STATE) 2400 7200 9600
4. 9th standard to 10th Standard (STATE) 2400 6000 8400

State Syllabus Students have to pay Rs. 160/- towards PD fee Rs. 10/- in case of new admission Rs. 1010/- in case of change of syllabus.


All prescribed fees should be paid in full at the begining of the school year or at the time of admission.

Tution fee is charged for twelve months in a year -Tuition fee for all twelve months may be paid in full for the year with other fee or of two months at the begining of the year.

Pre-Primary School Staff


Padma Sampath Kumar Head of the Nursery Institution
Vasanthi K.R. Teacher
Kamala Ramaprasad. Teacher
Srilatha.S Teacher
G.R.Jayanthi Asst.Teacher
T.Pavita. Asst.Teacher
Kalpana Raju Asst.Teacher
Kavitha.G. Asst.Teacher
Sapna.K Asst.Teacher
Shobhana Narasimhan. Asst.Teacher

Primary School Staff


V.R.Malini Principal
Geethamani.G. Teacher
Suresh.K Teacher
Kaveriamma.P.S. Teacher
Sunanda.K Teacher
Sumathi.R. Teacher
Vasudha.S. Teacher
Narayana.R.P. Teacher
Vijayalakshmi S.R. Teacher
Sathyaprema.B.K. Teacher
Jayanthi.S.R. Teacher
Usha.R. Teacher
S.Mamatha. Asst.Teacher
Suma.S. Asst.Teacher
Shobha. Asst.Teacher
Lakshmi.S. Asst.Teacher